About Me

Salam (Peace)!

I am Shereena, 20 something, from the Philippines, and this is my blog. This is my way of expressing my self out because I'm an introvert by nature and loves to write than talk. I also find this blog as my temporary escape from my uninspiring government job, toxic law school and stressful life as a whole. Upon knowing that, you maybe now have an idea on why I wanted to be a supergirl or acting like one. It's kinda like hitting two birds with one stone. 

This blog is so personal, and so me, that you may already put your judgment on what kind of a person I really am by just reading through my posts. This is supposed to be a lifestyle blog and I hope it remains as one despite my numerous fashion posts. Over-all, this is about us--women, life, love, and dreams. 

I'd like also to hear from you, so let's follow each other, exchange comments and be FRIENDS. =)
If you wish to contact me for whatever purposes e.i., friendship, advertisement & promotion or just to ask me anything, email me at sheynbenito@gmail.com.


We all do have the what they called the other side. And that other side of mine is more abstract, vague, rebellious, metaphorical, mysterious, weird, fictional and all that. Come and check it!

P.S. Most of the entries were written in Tagalog (Filipino language) and sorry about that international friends. 


  1. Hello sis.

    Bumped into your blog and found it interesting. Care to exchange links?: )

    Good day.

  2. Sure sis!

    I'd really love to.

    You do have an amazing blog btw.

  3. assalammualaikum shereena.. enjoy reading ur blog. daa...

  4. wa alaikom'salam sis!

    thank you for dropping by. I'm heading to check your blog too. =)


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