30 Before 30 Version

Hi there! It seems like everybody were having this kind of thing in their blog, and so I am. Check out my version:
  1. quit my job
  2. read all the books that i have in my shelf
  3. finish law school & consider becoming a lawyer right away
  4. pay off my loans
  5. travel to atleast 5 countries around the world
  6. live as an expat once in my life. London (UK) will do
  7. establish my own business (could be a hijab boutique)
  8. become a social entrepreneur
  9. build my very own little house or space
  10. have my back & front-yard landscaped 
  11. purchase my very first car
  12. learn to drive
  13. design and learn how to sew a dress
  14. organize a hijab fashion show
  15. attend yoga class
  16. learn taekwondo
  17. pick some HTML skills or IT skills
  18. go mountain climbing and have my photo taken at its peak
  19. play with the monkeys of India
  20. visit the pyramids of Egypt
  21. treat my nieces and nephews in Disneyland
  22. indulge myself by watching Coldplay in a live concert
  23. meet in person at least 3 of my friends that I met in internet
  24. own a self-paid designer bag or shoes (enough of hand-me-down!) 
  25. write a column in a popular magazine/newspaper
  26. finish writing a book 
  27. send my parents into hajj/pilgrimage
  28. finish reading the entire Qur'an 
  29. ask forgiveness to all the people i've hurt before and forgive those who hurt me
  30. start my own family


  1. Ang dami-dami naman Gang! :D I missed you here! :*

    1. Yep2! hehe, sana mga at matupad lahat 'to before I turned 30! I missed you too gang. mag blog kna kasi ulit. =)


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