Monday, December 30, 2013

Boho-Chic Bedroom Ideas

I admit that I am not really an organized person. I just drop my things anywhere in the house and go crazy later on in finding it if the time to use it comes. lol! But, this coming year, being organized is included in the list of my new years' resolutions. So to start with, I am planning to invest more on furniture that will hold and organize my things such as book shelf--top priority, new study table, a dresser, additional cabinets etc. 

Last Saturday, I bought a new bed for my messy little room. I don't have any idea at first on how to design my room and make it look like a real bedroom which is supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. So since I am not an organized girl, I find the Boho Bedroom ideas suitable for me. Personally, I love the minimalist style of decorating because I find it so relaxing in the eyes and I think it will give me a peace of mind. The black and white shades of room is so okay with me. I am the type of a person who's kinda messy but still love to see the white colors appearing big and large in my eyes. But I know for now I cannot achieve that so I'll stick with the boho style first which is a carefree styling but mostly associated with varieties of colors & prints, baggy accessories, and modern-yet-always-vintage look. You can choose between the traditional & colorful style or that one with a modern or minimalist touch that'll give you a sunny room atmosphere for a more relaxing bedroom. To give you ideas on what I'm trying to say, take a look at these:

1. Moder-Boho-Chic Bedroom Style

2. Classy/Vintage Boho Bedroom Style

3. Artistic/Gypsy Boho Bedroom

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