Friday, August 2, 2013

Bucket list: Samsung Smart Camera NX300

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Warning! This ain't a gadget review post (not your techy-type buddy here) co'z this, is one of the things I have in my bucketlist. Yeah, seriously I wanna have this Samsung NX300 camera for better picture quality posts in this blog and to continue my short-lived or just hibernating interest in photography. And what to love about this smart camera? Here is what they say:

Basic Features: 

1.  has a 20.3MP APS-CMOS Sensor it delivers high-quality images and lifelike colours with the highest resolution in its class. Even if you knew nothing about photography, no need to worry co'z  the sensor helps even and collects the most light so you can create beautiful images without noise, even in low-lit situations. So, for a self-supporting blogger out there, just like me, we need this one for better quality of picture posts.   

2. Continuous Shooting at a fast 8.6 frames/second - lets you shoot continuously at an ultra-fast rate of 8.6 frames per second to ensure you get the shot you want. So jump shots would never be the same if it's taken in just one shot without you leaving breathless after how many attempts just to perfect the jump shot!

3.  Auto Sharing - Nowadays, we live in an era of smart phones and-- lazy people. No debate about that. So here's a camera that made it easy for the users to transfer their captured photos in their PCs, phones or tablets or share it directly to their families, friends and to their different social media through its built-in WI-FI. Just like what I said, photo-sharing has never been this good, because in a click of a hand, then the picture is already shared in the cameras or social media.

What camera do you use in blogging?

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