Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A lunch date with the VIPs!

Monday last week, we had a sudden family meeting that turn out into a  lunch date. The story was, I accompanied my mom into her pulmonologist for a check-up when my dad and sis with my lil niece Zyna decided to follow us. And so right after the appointment with the Doctor, they agreed on my suggestion to have our lunch in the newest halal restaurant in the city. And I was right, they were impressed not only with the foods but also of the place and its ambiance.

The pathway to the entrance/exit of the resto

The name of the place is Tambilawan restaurant which is a name of a class of a fish. When I asked one of the employees on who owns the place, he was kinda mum about it, but I heard from a reliable person that the owner of the restaurant is from a Kalagan tribe (one of the Muslim tribes in the Philippines) of Davao Oriental. Well, whoever he is, I wanna congratulate him for his brilliant idea of venturing into this kind of business in a place largely populated by Muslims yet economically ruled by migrants, settlers and stranger businessmen and merchants.

Recycled/Used Tires

The concept of the place is somewhat native and reflects the cultural affiliation of the owner by using  colorful panji (flags), bamboo tables, chairs and dividers, coconut tree trunks wall and other native products. I'm kinda proud for the owner of this restaurant not just because of the fact that we're of the same faith but also because of his/her creativity and competitiveness based on the concept of his business.

And aside from all the good things that I said about the place, what really captivates me and amazed me were these painted and planted shoes hanging on the wall. Have I told you before that I love gardening and landscaping? If yes, then I'm telling you again that I do. I really do! This one gave me an idea on what to do with our old and used shoes in the house. =D

My niece Zyna in her Gwiyomi pose

Chicken Sisig

Finally, about the foods--the main reason why we've been there-- my taste buds can guarantee you that it's great. We ordered chicken sisig, tinolang manok, and beefsteak as our main course. All servings are at a very affordable price ranging from Php100.00 - 300.00 pesos only which is good for 3-4 person already.

Tinolang Manok


Since we couldn't eat all up the foods that we ordered, we asked for a rescue from my brothers Van who's then in his workplace and Raffy who just got a break from his class. Then I realized that it's kinda like family day in Monday cause we were gathered in one place outside from home, sharing and eating lunch together. It's happening only once in a blue moon, that's why it's important and a must to capture the moment with these Very Important People in my life. =)  

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