Monday, June 3, 2013

The Super Girl Wannabe!

Hi Guys!

Lovin' my new blog title and URL? Yeah, me too! =)

For all these years, I've been figuring out of what I wanted to do with  my life, of where do I want to be, of what job is perfect for me? But I'm always disappointed of the fact that I just can't get it out. I am the type of a person who always wanted to do something more and more or something that will make me happy and contented. I easily get bored of doing things  that do not interest me. Before reaching the stage where I am now, I thought it was the one I needed and  wanted the most, but things were just the same. I always end up looking for more. I want to figure out the sense of my existence. I might sound like a bit odd or a drama queen here, but I'm serious about it. 

Then I realized, it's the sense of living, that is, finding out your true calling and purpose here on earth. For now, I still don't have it, but it's something that will motivate me to live life to its fullest. I will try to live the life that I wanted and dreamed of. i'A. I'll try to be the Super Girl that I wanted to be even if it means saving the world from the evil creatures. Just kidding, I mean saving myself from evil thoughts and evil deeds. =) And at least, before I succumb to death (not-too-soon-please) I could try doing things like:

1. Live in London City once
2. Ride the London Eye
3. Visit the pyramids  of Egypt
4. Watch dolphins as they travel in the sea
5. Ride in a  submarine
6. Eat a lot of spaghetti in Italy
7. Hiking in Mt. Everest 
8. Play with the monkeys of India
9. Build a small village exclusively for my family in the forest
10. Own a glass-house with a pool at the top of a hill 
11. Perform Hajj with my parents
12. and the list goes on and  on...

In reality, you don't need a super-hero to save you from something, or give you the world. You just need your inner-self to support you and make you courageous enough to decide for your own life. And with the help of the One-from-the-above, nothing will be impossible. 

Nevertheless, I just wanted to be the Supergirl that I want to be. 


  1. just like you, i also get bored doing things that doesnt interest me.. lol and yeah,. super-girl is sucha nice name!!! lol I do love London too.. I've got a cousin who lives there and she's been inviting me for like a month vacation but i dunno if i should say YES.. Just for once, I wanted to see Prince Harry.. haha

  2. really?! well, go & grab it! now is your only chance to live that dream. =) our purpose here on earth is to find our happiness right?

    anyway, thanks for droppin' by mel lee... i'll check your blog too. =)


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