Monday, June 24, 2013

Steal Rachel Bilson's Style & Put A Hijab On It!

Rachel Bilson is a kind of a girl who hates being too pretty, so she always add up something that gives a little funk in her total look. This is most probably the reason why I love this girl's fashion taste co'z she dress effortlessly beautiful and fabulous without overdressing it. She's simple, natural, casual and sometimes rugged but still manages to  have that pretty-chic-look. 'The O.C' star shines bright even out of the spotlight because of her famous street-wear style that made her the phenomenal 'fashion junkie'. This petite & pretty girl described her style as boho & vintage inspired. In my point of view, Rachel B's style is somewhat conservative and cute that a girl like me could just put a Hijab on it to get ready and go!

The Shawl and the shades
Corporate/Office Girl Attire
College/University Girl Look

Casual Streetwear Look

On Checkered Prints

Casual Evening-Meetings Look

On Stripes

Feelin' Fresh Summer Dress

The Summer Boho Chic Style

Pretty Floral Dress + Leather Jacket Look
A Little Baggy Look
Getting Formal yet in Style
Black & White; Gray & Blue

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