Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Resolutions & Realizations

Tomorrow will be my 26th year of existence in this world. I wonder if that made sense or did I make sense. Honestly, I really don't think that last year was different from now, but I have to be positive. I need to believe that this year will make a difference and that it will bring me more hope in this life. To think things over, I've faced so many storms and thunders. Was I shaken? Yes. But I'm not shattered into pieces. Instead, I grew strong and brave inside and remain humble and sweet outside. Friends ask me on how do I handle all of this? Well,  the thing is, no matter how tough it had been in the past, always think that tomorrow is another day, and it means new hope, new beginnings and new opportunities. And that's my secret my friend. Also, never forget to write down the things that you want to achieve for the year or even the traits in you that you want to change or eliminate. Just like what I had hereunder. So for this year, I would:

1. Sleep early & wake up early.  - Do not miss your morning prayers friends or else you'll miss the benefits and blessings (ridzki) that the early morning brings. 

2. Be Punctual - The trait that I needed the most. I had been troubled so many times because of the absence of this one. I'll strive hard to achieve this. So help me God. :D

3. Avoid Procrastination. I'm a sure winner of this trait. I procrastinate a lot. The result is, I work under pressure, cram on exams, run on pavements and blame even the lousy cab drivers. It's tiring you know. When in fact, they are not the reason of my failures. It's me, myself alone. Had I been 30 minutes earlier or a day ahead, then I don't have to rush things up. Come to think of it. 

4. Make Dreams a Reality - And it means, not to oversleep. This is my main goal now. I don't have a concrete idea on how to achieve it, but I surely have it inside. Let's just make things happen. Besides, if it's written in your hands, then surely it'll come to you in package. Everything has it's own timing. 

5. Do not Live in the Past - It's a cliche I know. But it doesn't make sense if you keep on looking at your previous tracks of record. There's no such thing as overwriting your past life. If you screwed up in the past, then there's a greater chance for you to become the best that you wanted to be in the future. It's all in your hands, and of course with the  help of prayers and guidance from the above. 

Strive for the best
keep your dreams alive!

- Shereena - 

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