Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Cravings: Flat Sandals

Hello Ladies!

It's still Summer days here in the Philippines, and you know what's the best footwear for this time of the year? Yes, you knew it, flat sandals! Personally, I'm  a flat sandals lover ever since. During my college days,  you would always see me wearing one even though the Uni that I am in is freaking dusty and all that. But I just love it, seeing my cute, little feet. naaks! Yeah, but I do get my classmates' and friends' approval when it comes to that, and in fact before I knew it, they were the one telling me that I do have one. But, wait I'm  not showing it to you now. lol

Actually, most of my flats were pasalubong or hand-me-down from my Aunts working abroad. Fortunately we were nearly having the same size. I am size 6 and they are 5 but since designer sandals were not especially made for petite Asians then there's no problem in wearing a sandal smaller than your size. This time I'd like to share to you my late summer cravings, which is no other than... flat sandals! I just have 10 here when in fact I do like a lot. So, here we go!


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