Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet

I cleaned out my closet—literally. And I was surprised of the fact that there were things which are so important to me 3 years back that don’t matters to me anymore. I realized that I could easily dump now, things which  seemed to be so important to me before, like even a simple, old and untimely things such as movie pass, restaurant receipts, blurry photos, souvenir items etc., without even thinking twice. 
I guess, as the years pass by people do change and so the feelings. You may feel so in love now, and turn out different later. As they say, there’s nothing constant in this world BUT CHANGE… 

We need to sort out the things that we have in life, may it be clothes, shoes, bags, ideas, or even people. When you're not using that clothes for a year now, then maybe you just don't need that anymore. Instead give it to the ones who need it the most and finds it valuable. If you find  that a certain idea is not good for your brain, then throw it all away and get over it. Entertain only brilliant ideas to make your mind also a brilliant one. Lastly, when you feel like some people are not good or unhealthy for you to build relationship with, then detached from that people for they will only lead you to nowhere. 

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