Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something that I got hooked with!

Hi Readers!

How are you all doing? Me? I'm definitely fine, alhamdulillah. Well, I'm here to share to you my latest hook-ups! Uh-ah! it's not what you think, and it's not even about fashion, books, foods or the likes that I am interested with. It's different this time, and even I myself couldn't contemplate that I do have an interest in Gardening, yes, as in GARDENS. I started being hooked in gardening just a weeks ago I think, which was brought about by dull and boring weekend mornings, and sad to say, a plain, untidy, and ugly front yard. Just what I said, we just purchased this house & lot and everything has yet to be renovated. Just so you know, I started a DIY landscapes in our front yard, planted and grown flowers in it, and it actually turns quite good but not that pretty. And NO, I'm not going to share it to you as of this moment. Instead, I have something for you here down under, that shows my idea of a beautiful landscaping and gardening. Enjoy! =)

I just love the simplicity of this one. I can stay here all day long just chatting around w/my closest friends, siestas, reading a book, or by simply feeling the sun here under.
Another simple but pleasant to my eyes.  Here, I think I could write not even a love song but a love story.  haha! It's something fit for my writing ambition. 

Loving the elegance? In here, I will proudly entertain my kinda important visitors for a coffee, a tea and a talk. 

And oh, i'm not totally giving-up my 'Dream Glass-House' with a beautiful landscaped garden.
But in reality, I just want a simple, lovely, and lively house like this for my future family.
And this big, wide and  beautiful lawn and garden is where will my future kids will play freely and happily. 

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