Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hopes for 2013!

Assalamu Alaykum Ladies!

How are you all doing? Well as you can see it's my first post for the year 2013. Last year was a tough one I think all of us felt the same. As this year begins I have so much hope and faith inside of me that this year will going to be my year despite the astrologers' prediction that those who were born in the year of Rabbit will not have a good luck this year. well I don't actually believe in astrology co'z it's a shirk in Islam. I have so many plans and wants for this year and I'll going to share it to you, right after this paragraph.

Here it is:

1. Venture on Business - This is what I wanted to do ever since. And later in the year 2012, I knew exactly what business will I going to have. Though I'm already in a food business, still I wanted to find my real love. Entrepreneurs will most likely say that invest on a business that you are passionate with. And I'm thinking of a boutique selling a lots and beautiful hijabs and other Islamic attires for women. Well, actually me and my sis are brainstorming on what will it look like and we're starting to build our Fashion Blog for this purpose. And we're busy looking for concepts in the net. I just hope that we'll land on this dream, Insha Allah.

2. House Renovation - We'll this last year, we bought a house & lot adjacent to my Grandmother's house. It's pretty good, co'z we don't have to move so far from her (grandma) who took care of us for so long while my parents are away for work. I just love the feeling of being independent and taking care of myself. But sometimes I'm quite missing the times that I don't have to think on what food will I going to bring home and pretty little things like buying tools for your kitchen, shopping for appliances and all that. Before, when I got my salary, I just have to think of buying new shoes co'z it's kinda rotten when in fact it's just a month-old or of two, and shopping for the latest in town. And now I'm thinking of the renovation co'z the house that we're in is not good, honestly.

3. Travel a lot - Last two years in a row (2010 & 2011) I always go out of town every year end with one or more of my family member. And this year I'm planning to travel a lot. I really wanted to travel in Malaysia with my parents and siblings. And in the future, to take the holiest of all travel which is the pilgrimage in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Insha Allah.

4. And Others - Yeah, Others! I could not actually think of exact phrase on it as I have soo many plans for this year, and one of it is to concentrate on my Law Studies so that I could finish this course without any If only's and why not's. About settling down... yes, in the future, in sha Allah, but I think not too soon. I eventually want to have someone who will complete half of my deen.  But I know that it's totally God's plan and I can't do nothing about that. We just have to submit to his wills.

And so, that's it! And if I happened to miss some others I will just tell you too soon. Buhbyes!

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