Saturday, December 8, 2012

Legally Hijabi (Legally Blonde movie review)

Hello Everyone!

Got something here to share to you! Just right now, as in 1:15 a.m., I've done watching Reese Witherspoon's 'Legally Blonde' over the Youtube! Actually it's not my first time to watch this movie, co'z I remembered that I've seen it when I was in highschool, but I just ignore it then and hadn't understand it truly. It's only now that I've appreciated and enjoyed watching the movie so much that it kept me from laughing my ass out almost the entire movie. I just want you to know that before I end up watching this movie, I was kinda down coz I think I'm not doing good enough in Law School. I need to focus and concentrate even more now that I'm in the second semester of my 3rd year stay in here. So I was lookin' for a movie or anything that I could relate to and inspire me more to keep holding on to law school. 

Going back into the movie, it is about the famous campus so 'pink girl' who enrolled in Harvard Law School just to follow her boyfriend who broke up with her because he (bf) thinks that she's not that serious and that she's not the good one for him. Determined to get her boyfriend back, she tries to fit into law school but always end up different, unique, peculiar and ridiculous. But in the end, Elle (Reese) paved her way to be the brightest law student among the class after appearing in court to defend Brooke who was once Elle's fitness instructor and from winning the case eventually after her witty cross examination with Brooke's step-daughter. After the trial,her ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile with her but she rejects him, explaining that she needs a boyfriend who is less of a "bonehead" in her new career. 

Although it's not that so serious movie, I learned a lot from this one and Elle. Just like Elle, who's the only blonde in the class, I am the only "hijabi" in the class and in the entire school most probably. I think I have that responsibility of raising the flag of hijabis and the Muslim people as a whole. I have to prove that Muslim Women are not tied up in the kitchen or bedroom only. We can also go out, and join our men in building and reconstructing our society. That we are women of faith and intelligence and values. And we are productive and not useless member of this society. Actually, one of my favorite line in the movie was that when Elle says to Emmett:  
              Why not? I'm discriminated against as a blonde.

              Being a blonde is actually a pretty powerful thing.

              You hold more cards than you think you do.

Us, Muslim Women, have been discriminated against as a Hijabi. But let's not be shaken by it, instead let's stand united, beautiful and proud with our hijabs!
Legally Blonde
Legally Hijabi

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