Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life and Livings


How was everybody here doing? I haven't write for quite sometime, I got too busy with law school as well as with my job. Life has not been good to me this past few months. I've been disappointed many times, been struggling physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. It was a quite tough battle in life, but Alhamdulillah I made it. I knew everything is a test from the almighty. Ever since I moved in from our new purchased (but old) house & lot, I felt the responsibility of raising and feeding the entire family. I lived now with my older brother with his family, whose job isn't enough to cover all their needs. So I came into the rescue, which explains why I hardly spend money on unimportant things. Plus my father is jobless now for some future good reason, and he always turns on me for his stuffs. So I lost track of all my finances. Good thing, incidentally, or let's say because of fate, the management of my Aunt's small restaurant fell down on me. So I just catch and grab it! I knew nothing about running a business before but I know in perfect time I will manage it very well. I 'm on the process of learning it heartily. Insha Allah.

By the way, time flies so fast, we're enjoying November rain now and later on the December breeze just before we know it. I'm on the 2nd semester of my 3rd year in college of law. I have two more years to go before I could finally determine where will my feet bring me. I just hope that it will lead me to the place where I exactly dreamed of. So far, things are going on my way. I just want to live it, and enjoy it!

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