Friday, August 10, 2012

Ramadhan [Selfish] Wishes

Assalamu Alaykum everyone!

It's only 10 days left before the end of the Holy Month and you know what? last night I missed the tahajjud prayer in the twenty-first (21st) day of Ramadhan as it was the start of catching the Laylatul-Qadr. A night of power that is better than a thousand months! I was so upset, that's why tonight I will not attempt to go to bed and I will wait until 2 am so that I can surely catch the tahajjud prayer. Well aside from the reward that I will reap in the hereafter in performing this sunnah,  they said in tahajjud, whatever you wish for will come true (Inshallah), and because of that, aside from wishing universal safety for all humanity, guidance for all mankind, unity among Muslim Ummah, and Jannah for my family members, friends and total strangers, let me lay down some of my SELFISH WISHES [for myself & I alone]. LOL. So check 'em out guys!

Here it goes...

1. To live in a house like this:

2. To have car like this:

3. To put up a business of my own, and that is a Boutique/Shop like this:

4. To travel in places/countries such as these (excluding Makkah here, coz it's one of my ultimate goals):
and... and... and...

5. To have a loving, gorgeous, & pious husband like this:


Now, tell me what you wish for? 

Just for fun. But I really hope that it will do come true. =)

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