Friday, May 11, 2012

Personality Check

Hi everyone!

Lately, I'm not turning into this blog whenever I have something special or extraordinary happenings in my life that I want to share. I've been a tumbleblog for the past weeks. I decided to share my snippets and day to day life in my tumblr account and keep this blogger account of mine as my very personal diary. Only trusted friends knew about this, and I will keep it this way. 

Btw, I wanted to share to you guys that I pursued with my goal to join the 39th SSEAYP--the one that I was talking about with my previous post. And yesterday, I was in Cotabato City for the interview as it was part of the selection process. I left for Cotabato last Wednesday with my sis. The travel experience is not quite good. Thinking and believing the so-called "dispatcher" that riding a van will make us arrive earlier & faster into the area, we took the offer. Upon arriving at Tacurong, the driver told us to go and wait for the bus coz he could no longer deliver us straight to cotabato city, and he would just give our 300 pesos back and took the 200 as our fare. I was pissed off. He made us believe a lie. Good thing, along the way, we met strange people who became our friends during the entire trip. Despite what happened, still it was fun and an exciting trip. 

Upon arriving at Cotabato, and that was almost 7 in the evening, my friend Ate Jehan welcomed us by shouldering our dinner at Jollibee. We haven't seen each other for 3 years. She looks so beautiful than ever in her very fashionable attire. She's all grown up I think. hehe. After the talks and eats, we went into her apartment to pick up her clothes for a sleep over into a hotel with us. That girl is so generous, she even paid for the hotel room. I couldn't thank her enough for that. God bless her soul, and also her friend July who toured us around the city riding his car searching for a hotel to sleep in for the night. Insha allah, God will pay for me their kindness and generosity. Ate Jehan and I had a good talk, it was just I'm so sleepy and need to go to bed earlier because the indicated time of interview was so early. I regret I didn't come a day before to have a longer time with her. I just miss her soo much.

On the final day, I was 17 minutes late after 7 in the morning which made me listed as the 6th interviewees. based on the notice, interview will start as early as 7 am but to our dismay it started an hour after. The Department of Tourism -12 office is just a few meters away from the hotel where we checked-in so it was easy for me to walk in & out of the DOT office to go back into the hotel and check out my sis there. It was July's (tol Jehan's friend) initiative to survey and look for the office the night before so that it wouldn't be hard for me to search for it the nest day. I'm so blessed because of that. Moving on, upon entering the office, i saw familiar faces in the receiving area and they are my former schoolmates, polsci folks, and colleagues in some youth movements. I felt comfortable having them around and I forget for a while that i was in a competition. haha! So there, I waited for my turn to be interviewed patiently, horribly, tensed, pressured and whatever terrible feelings that you could add up to. Interviews always make me feel this way. And so after the long wait, like it's almost 1 PM I was called to show them what i got. the very first thing that they told me to do is to tell something about SHEYN aside from the information that I put in the application form. So I told them things about me, what do people says about me, and everything that just came across my confused mind. hehe! Then came the questions; mostly the questions that were thrown to me are all personal. questions of life, love, religion, Islam, etc,  and it's something that is testing my personality. I just keep on answering them giving my personal opinion for that matter and letting them know who I really am. It all went well except for that one panelist who focused and get interested in questioning me of matters in relation with the LAW since I was a law student as he said it. Honestly, I get lost and tremble down coz he wanted me formulate or amend a law concerning the youth. I just told him that I was not that particular or well rounded with the special laws, coz we focused on the regular laws since it's just my 2nd year in the college. then he asked me if I'm willing to impeach Justice Corona. I answered him in a very objective way like if the Chief Justice is found guilty then i'm willing to impeach him even if that means ruining the image of the justice system in the country and the whole world for that matter since it will be the first case in the world wherein a chief justice was impeached. for almost an hour I think, the interview revolves in that topics. But I didn't felt that I was answering their questions for that long and it's as if i want them to ask for more. Interviews are exciting I realized coz it makes you think, review and evaluate yourself. it makes you know yourself better. it makes your mind work and be  prepare to face unexpected situations and challenges that life may give you. At the end of interviews, it will make you even wiser coz you have now new knowledge, skills, and reasoning power that will all be useful in this life.  

P.S. Sorry, I cannot show you any proof, e.i. Photos, coz we don't have time or shall we say we forgot to take pictures due to business in searching for hotel to sleep in, and an internet cafe to print out some document. Tol Jehan realized it too and texted me about that very important thing when we're already in the bus on our way back home. =(

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