Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Go or not-to-Go

Assalamu Alaykum!

It's been a while. Anyhow, here I am blogging again, especially at times like this when I'm confused and got no one to run to. It's like I'm juggling over 3-4 balls, and not wanting to drop any of them but I just have to because I might get tired and drop it all instead. Before anything, I must update you with the last two weeks of happenings in my life. To begin with, the ultimate change of administration in my workplace brought also an ultimate change in my job. I became twice busy due to many paper works that needs to be updated and renewed, plus my new boss or shoulda say bosses suddenly become so strict and observant of the office hours thus it is compelling me to wake up and leave home early. In School, though Final Exams are not that stressing because our professors suspended it for some personal reasons still it count because of the unpredictable make-up classes that we have to attend to. On the 31st of March, me and my brods and sissies in Sultan Fraternity & Sorority went out-of-town specifically in Gumasa Beaches to conduct the 3-in-1 Party. Why 3-in-1? First is the Baptismal of new members, second is thanks giving party for our new lawyers in the fraternity, and last is teambuilding or simply partying. But I'm tellin you I'm not used of attending parties like these especially when hard drinks are all around. What I did is, I crashed gates into the next resort coz my friend Madz and her family was there also for an overnight. The next thing I did, I just sit down in one side, laugh with them, talk when necessary and time after time turn into my codal to familiarize some provisions because the truth is 1st of April was our final exam in Criminal Procedure. Toxic isn't it? So the next morning I took up the exam with one thing in mind, and that is, to finish the exam, go home early and SLEEP! Yes, I missed it while at the beach. What else? Oh yeah, how could I forget to tell that I was invited as a guest speaker to speak before the graduates of a school which is so near to my heart! That provincial school where I first went to and learnt how to read and write. I didn't know what to share then because the invitation was made two days before the graduation rites and I have no time enough to come up with a beautiful speech. But I just get over it by speaking impromptu, sharing everything I have in mind and in heart.  Alhamdulillah it went well. And I think I inspired them. I guess so. 

Right now, I'm on the verge of making a decision of whether to go or no-to-go. Decision-making for me has never been easy. I always need my family's and friends' advice. I admit that I cannot make it on my own without them by my side. What I really wanted to say is, I'm planning to interrupt my Law Schooling with this cool program by the National Youth Commission. SSEAYP (Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program) is tempting. I would like to experience how it feels like travelling in Southeast Asia by the sea. I'd like to meet new people from different races. I'm so curious about everything. I wanted to get out of my box even for a while. And I find it as a very good opportunity to escape temporarily from the world I live in. You might say that I don't have a focus, and might get no direction in life. I say it's not like that. Being in law school is just one of my dreams that do come true. finishing law school right away is another thing. I'm not in-a-hurry to get into my dreams. I wanted to try different kinds of success, like in business, career, passion, interest and all that. Getting into your dreams in just one direction is not only boring, it's lonely. After all, I'm not aiming for only worldly success, I'm working for my place in Jannah. Insha Allah.


  1. This is it na pala Gang, just read this. Ahhhmm, what could I say? I'm just here and always willing to support you in whatever path you wanted to take, as long as makakabuti naman sau, why not? :) Except that fraternity, it's a no-no for me. :D And ahhmmm, that SSEAYP thing is really tempting. You know very well na laagan pud ko. Hahaha! Peru in your situation, I think you really wanted and needed to take a break. Me as well, alam mo naman ang pangyayari, kaso given the case sa office na on-going ang restructuring, I think I cannot escape. But I think that program will be perfect pag mag uban ta, hahaha :D

  2. aww.. that one moves me. *sniff. thanx gang for being there always.. your my number one fan, hw can i live w/o u? love u much! mwaah..


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