Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On WRITING and all that!

"If God gives you something you can do, why in God's name wouldn't you do it?"
- Stephen King 
On Writing 

Lately, I find myself wanting to write more about anything and everything that crosses my worried mind. I must thank God for giving me a link towards this girl in the worldwideweb whose life turns big and bright just because of her passion in writing. She inspires me to write even more and keep me believing that even the impossible DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  She is Ollie, an Indonesian girl and a Muslimah who blogs a lot and techy enough to launch her online self-published books. With her group, they conducted a forum or somewhat a training for all writers-wannabe in Indonesia and encourage this peeps to write more. Now, she's a popular writer and a fashioner designer in Jakarta. Well just exactly what I wanted to be. 

I have developed a lot of ideas and stories which keep on playing in my mind. i imagined a lot. I wanted to start my writing career right away. hehe. I know and I believe that I am born a writer. When I was young, I always keep a diary with me, a diary that became a witness in every ups and downs and fall back I experience in life. But now my blog page is my diary which is widely open for the world to read. In my elementary years (gradeschool), just so you know, my poems written as an activity in either English or Filipino class always top the others. I was a contributor then in our School paper and writing a poem is my favorite entry. In highschool I was deprived of showing what I got in writing because I wasn't given the chance to be member of the School paper and they even rejected my entry. Maybe because I do not belong to the elitist top section that's why they don't trust me in writing. It was in College where I was able to show my talent again in writing a poem. But that was when I'm about to graduate. As the cliche goes "Better Late than Never". Though I'm not part of the School Paper, I submitted a poem as an entry entitled "Beautiful Three" which is based on Joyce Kilmer's "Tree". Unfortunately, the editor-in-chief, who's also a friend to me, lost my un-duplicated copy of the poem after I handed it down to her in one busy afternoon. But she assured me that it would be published in the first quarter issue of the school paper. But then, it was not.  I still remember some words in it and how it was written, but I decided to make some revisions and finally come up with a new one. Good Lord, my second attempt to have and read my name in the school paper came into reality. It gained recognition from the editor-in-chief and was given a space in the school paper. It paved my way to the center stage. I heard a lot of good comments about it from the students. They can relate with it and it's a true happening in the life of students in a university. Only the sad news is, it was my first and last entry in the university's school paper.

In 2009, when I was given a chance to enroll a short course in Public Administration & Governance at the University of the Philippines, I saw my piece of work written as a design in souvenir shirts for sale in the university's shopping center. I remember my friend Harid saying that he had seen a shirt in the shopping center which had a poem printed on it and said that the poem is too familiar to him. I didn't mind what he was saying until I've come to visit that shopping center with my friends for a good walk after a long and stressing defense day of our policy papers. At first I can't believe it but after looking into it for how many times and recalling how did I write my poem, I confirmed that it was based exactly from my unpublished poem for the university paper. I knew it because I have written it by heart. I always write from the experience, that's why I knew it was my story. I just can't contest it then because I don't know where to complain and I knew nothing about "Intellectual Property Rights" then. I texted our editor-in-chief and open-up it up to her. She said that she has nothing to do with it or how did it reach UP. All that she was able to say was that, "just let them do it, because it only means that they recognized your work". At some point, it ends my wondering & questioning, but on the other side, there's always something telling me that I should fight for it because it is my right which is deprived. Nevertheless, what was done is done. I am just happy to know that the message of my poem reached as far as UP and let the rest of the populace know the struggles of the students in order not  to fail from class or to get higher grades. Generally the poem conveys how hard it is to be a student!  =)

Meanwhile, take a look at my poem written in 2008, and that of UP's... 

my entry for our school paper

UP's souvenir shirt

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