Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Travelling Asia!

Hi! What's up guys? you know what, lately me and my sis is going loco over this promo air fares by some airline company in the country. they are even offering up to one (1) peso fare in all domestic and international flights. now who wouldn't want to throw out on their shoes and fly? only the sad news is, we we're always left behind by millions of followers of this promo just because we don't have any credit card yet to use in reserving tickets online. =( anyhow, that thing alone cannot discourage me from dreaming to travel around the world--but of course starting it from Asia first! down under is my top 5 dream destination in Asia. so check it out now! =)

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Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque
When I was a kid, I was hearing a lot of good things about Brunei, like it was where Sultan Bolkiah lives, the wealthiest man in the world who's house is so full of gold, like even the spoon that they are using is made up of gold. Maybe, I just want to prove it myself if all these things are true or just an overrated statement from my elders. hehe


the Grand Palace in Bangkok
Elephant ride
Let me tell you a story. Last January of 2011, supposedly I will be attending a seminar in Nong Chok Thailand which is sponsored by the Asian Women  Foundation. Luckily my entry (essay) is the organizer's bet from all those joiners of the program coming from the Philippines. unfortunately, just when I confirmed my attendance in the seminar, our dean also confirmed about our Final Examinations wee. so it was perfect.  i had to choose between the two and weigh things out. good thing family and friends we're there to give support and advice in times like those. so i chose to stay and study instead. dad said when i graduate from law school and become a lawyer i will do and attend a lot of things like this. and by the way, i wanna do that--elephant riding thing!


what more can I say? China is a legend. i wanna paved visit there and experience that long walk in the great wall. so jealous! they might have seen Po there doing the part 3 of Kung Fu Panda! hahaha

4. Malaysia
Petronas Towers
Malaysia is the first in my list of Asian countries that i wanna visit as a matter of fact. it is a Muslim dominated country so i'm confident enough that i will be safe in there and rest assured it will not be hard for me to look for a halal food to eat. just so you know, i'm soo picky in terms of food to eat!  

Taj Mahal

woman praying in the temple

It's just that i'm so curious about India that's why i wanted to visit this mystical land. i am so fascinated with India's culture and it made me think that they are the most unique in the world. I know India hadn't moved on from polytheism wherein they still believe in different gods and goddesses, but as far as their being a secular country is concerned, i'm pretty sure that religion is not an issue to them coz as i have observed in their movies, they are having this mutual respect for each religion. and wouldn't you agree with me if i say that their women-- the Indian women are the most beautiful and the sexiest in the world? just a thought! =)

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