Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My December!

I already told you in my previous post that last year (2010), I spent my December in the Metro with my sis Robie and younger bro. Raffy, plus my Aunt Fatima who was then preggy without us knowing not even her, and stayed there for the whole first week of January. Well this year, my December supposed to be so much fun if our planned road trip with my sis Robie and good friend Madania hadn't been cancelled because of the typhoon Sendong which swept away the cities of Cagayan de Oro (our stopping point) and Iligan and killed thousands of lives there. We planned to spend the Holidays in the Dahilayan Adventure Park but unfortunately, nothing in the plans happened because the roads to Bukidnon and other neighboring provinces are kinda un-safety to travel with. Thus, instead of ending the year with disappointments, we rerouted our itinerary of travel just within the city of Davao and paint the town red-- as in with red lipstick! lol.

(1st Night)  Dinner @ Zabadani Restaurant
Stroll @ People's Park

On the 25th - Movie trip @ Abreeza
W/no other choice but movies which were all MMFF entries. so then, we watched "Enteng ng Ina mo" :)

While waiting for our turn to fill-up the movie house, we tried to comfort ourselves in the food court outside without ordering anything. I and Madz were enjoying the moment with soo many non-sense things to talk about, and forgetting that we were with my sis Robie then who's busy taking pictures of us. the result? on your left.

Let me add this, that in the morning of the 25th, we heard and assumed that establishments are still close until late afternoon, because it's Christmas and last night was a night of celebration. so with lack of better things to do, we just stayed at Madz' pad and started the planned movie marathon by watching Indian Films which include  'My Name is Khan' and 'Every Child is Special' by Amir Khan, wherein each movie length is more than 3 hours. how about that huh? Seriously, I was impressed on how good the Indian movie makers are, especially Amir Khan who's movies are very simple yet so inspiring. oh, btw I've just seen two movies of him, and the other one was 3 Idiots. on the other hand, the first movie-mentioned is something which makes me even more proud being a Muslim, coz Shahrukh Khan plays really well in this movie and showed how a true Muslim should act no matter what disabilities he may have and be not afraid of everything as long as he's on the side of the truth. the only thing awkward in this movie was that he tolerated his wife into her religion and didn't care enough to tell her to convert into Islam. anyway, it's just a movie. but yeah i know, it has a big impact on the viewers, especially those non-Muslims and those Muslims who were not knowledgeable enough in Islam. they might think that it's just okay when the truth is it is not. But generally, i love the two movies. it was great.

on the 2nd & last day - Brunch @ Dimsums

Before the last part of the trip-- the Goodbyes-- we battled the almost freezing temperatures of our body brought about by the Arctic made aircons of Abreeza plus the non-stop rainy days in Davao, by drinking hot mocha. cappuccino, and coffee at Starbucks.

it's maybe hard to admit, but the vacation is over, and we need to leave.
so, buhbye pretty girl. we'll surely gonna miss you. 'til next, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful accommodation.  MWAAH! 

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