Saturday, December 31, 2011

this is my time of the year!

I should have a happy post right now as promise, right? but why is it i feel like so empty and missing a lot of things which i don't know why or who. i guess it's because of some video post in facebook which leads me to listen and cry all over again in Boyz II Men's songs. anyway, enough of this. let's just talk about how happy I WAS.

as far as my memory is concern, my previous successive two years in life, that is, 2009 up to 2011 were the happiest days of my life. at least, i consider. the highlights?

On 2009 (January - May):
-The Congressional Internship Program for Young Muslim Leaders @ the House of Representatives. 

(photos from left to right)
- the academic training in MSU-Marawi was one of the unforgettable moments in my life as i was exposed into a new world.
- the side trips in different provinces in Luzon was also fun and exciting.
- the unexpected "fashion show" in AIM (Makati).
- the courtesy call in the House of Representatives as start of the internship.

On 2010 (January - June):

- i was employed in the Provincial Capitol of Sarangani. Another whole new world.
- passed the entrance exam and interview in the College of Law and enrolled in the 'Freshmen class'.
- hired at the my beloved LGU.

Comes December... (vacation in the Metro)

(photos from left to right)
- strolling around Greenbelt (Makati) with my cousins.
- watched the finals of PBA Games in Araneta Coliseum.

2011 fireworks display @ MOA bayview area.

and joined the countdown for 2011 at the Mall of Asia concert ground. it's the grandest new year i ever had, because i witnessed live the beautiful fireworks display at the MOA bayview area. i can still remember every detail of it, and the sound of the fireworks that's almost causing me ear damage, plus my eyes are full and widen by the lights, beautiful lights that's covering the dark sky and as if falling on me.

but wait, is it 12 midnight already? i'm hearing lots of BANG BANG outside! oh really, it's new year already?! well...


2012 I'M READY!

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