Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8: What’s in my handbag/purse

that's what inside my bag folks! btw my bag is a GUCCI and a "segunda mano", pasalubong from my auntie rhein working abroad. for more details, my bag contains nothing but a load of ballpens (just one-eight of the actual number), notebooks since i love taking notes of everything, coin purse, wallet which is of no use actually, cards which include atm cards, either open or closed accounts, laking national (bookstore) card, kcc mall bonus card etc. then my valid employment ID, plus a passport in case they ask me for at least two valid IDs. hehe. moving on, my purse contains alcohol, lip balm, lip gloss, careline make-up kit which i only use if in the mood, kleenex wet tissue since i often go to the comfort rooms and hate it when there's no water around for wash-up, bench cologne, and yeah my johnson's baby powder is missing in the picture, i think i should go and ask younger sis for it.. well, maybe later after finishing this entry. but i guess i'm finished. wait! i saw my louis vuitton watch there, also a handed down from my aunt. and that's it! NOTE: it's not school time, so my notebook, books, and other school stuffs are not shown in the pic. you will pity me if you only see how i look like during regular days. i got one hand in my bag and the other in my books plus laptop bag hanging in my shoulders! :'(