Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7: My worst habit

what i considered worst habit of mine is this what we called PROCRASTINATION. yes, i am and it's big. i'm always late in everything, i move so slow plus i spend not less than 30 minutes in a bathroom. at times that i am not busy just like today, i always tend to postpone things that i was supposed to do right away. from simple things of fixing my things for tomorrow's activities, like ironing my clothes, checking my bag, my school things, etc. sometimes in office, when i am assigned to do a task and see that i have more time or even just a little time to do it, i'll suspend it right away and do other unimportant things instead. the tendency is, when the the day awaited comes and procrastination can no longer be tolerated, i cram and panic to the highest level just to cope up with the lost minutes. good thing i am good in handling pressures and all that. but after that, expect a tired and exhausted me! well, all i can say is AFTER ALL, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY! =)