Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5: Your Dream House

when i was young, i dreamed of owning a very big house, with a super blue swimming pool, wide garage, lawn and garden, 3-4 storeys, and a beautiful gate. it's something that i got from watching too much Filipino movies and growing in this kind of society like ours wherein the rich and the famous serves as our basis of good status in life. i hope you get me. well, as i grow older and matured, my perspectives change. i realize i wanted a simpler lifestyle, like a simple house yet complete with all the things that i need. something which is beautiful and clean, as in clean living! hehe.. the image below somehow pictures out my dream house though it's not exactly the way as shown. basta i'd like it to be just a bungalow type, with white paint, rooms in the attic and with tiny windows facing the road. plus a very green lawn, and small parking area. isn't it cute and sweet? :)