Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 4: Something you are OCD about

Naahh... I don't have this kind of disorder. kaya kong mag-antay at mag-tiis! bakit ba? hehe... seriously, i'm not that kind of person who will go crazy and mad and eventually die from not getting what they want. I trust my patience so much and I know how to control myself. But if I really want something,  i work hard to achieve it  and give my best shot. if things just don't go my way, i just accept it with open arms. ganyan talaga ang buhay! BUT, guess what?! right now, my OCD is about my planned road trip this X-mas break to some parts of Mindanao, and that include Davao, Bukidnon, & Cagayan De Oro City! it's something that i wanted to do with my life, TRAVEL, ROAD TRIP, ADVENTURES, MEET NEW FACES, CULTURE, & GET LOST! hahaha.. oh diba? In shaa Allah i'm travelling with my good friend Madania and sister Robie cause i can't do it myself pa as i dream to become. hehe.. i really can't wait for this trip, super excited na. i plan this by myself and invited the other two so that life wouldn't be that booriinnngg! :D obsessed diba?

By the way, i wanted to try those shown in the images below!

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