Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 20: What are the 10 most significant events in your life?

As far as my memory is concern, i guess the followings are the most significant events in my life: check'em out!

1. the day when i was born, and that was on june 12, 1987. (of course, it's not part of my memory, coz obviously you know why). :p

2. when i transferred from the province to the city. (elementary years)

3. highschool life and highschool graduation. coz i cried a lot upon thinking that me and my highschool barkadas will be world apart. 

4. first year in college. it was challenging. landing in a course of not your type is even more challenging.

5. shifting in political science when i was in second year college. my first interest. definitely a whole new world.

6. meeting one of my bffs "yayo" in psychology class along with other unforgettable people.

7. befriended one of my considered best enemy/destroyer in life. thankful on the other cause i meet his friends who eventually became part of my life. #buah group.

8. graduated college successfully and fortunately.  

9. being in CIPYML. which i considered 'first' in the most significant events in my life. 

10.passing exam, interview, and finally entering college of law; then passing and being hired in the LGU as a local legislative staff officer.

as you observe it, it's in chronological order. maybe in time, i'll make a saga of this post. as of now these are the most. :)