Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18: Whom do you admire the most?

meron ba? sa mga local or international icons wala naman akong in-admire ng sobra. but for a safe answer and to simply give an answer to this question, i would say that it's my mamang, for being the greatest mom in the world. i know and understand that everybody feels the same way too for their mother. but this is my page so you have no choice bu to agree with me, right? ok, here we go. my mom is super understanding, soft-spoken, patient aheem.. like me, mabait, polite and every good adjectives that you could find in dictionary. haha! wanna test my mom's patient? well, she's willing to share my dad with other woman. it happened, but the other woman got a conscience anyhow, and choose to go away and leave. aside from that, my mom is a good neutralizer (mediator), i say so because she doesn't add fuel to the fire neither ignite it when everybody is kinda like discussing, throwing not-so-good words at each other or releasing anguish and like that. she would just remind everybody to be calm and eventually will find a way to solve problems and misunderstandings. she suffered a lot in life i think by being so good. because people will find every possible way just to take advantage at a person who is kind enough to sue them, attack them or fight them back when they done her wrong.