Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 15: What do you dislike most about yourself?

hmmm..? i think my being soo good and polite and giving. to the point that i'm afraid or don't know how to confront someone or somebody when they are already getting overboard. i'm no mrs. frank. the reason is, i don't want to hurt somebody's feelings. but what's sickening is that, i cannot even tell somebody if he's having a sh*t on his face or what. unless he's my buddy or a member of my family. maybe because i was brought up in a family wherein uttering only beautiful words is a requisite. at one point i'm thankful but at the back of my head, i wish i am not because as i see it, people are taking it for advantage, and it's been easy for them to ask me for something or doing them a favor because they know i will never fail them. the bad side. tsk!