Friday, October 21, 2011

do i really looked so stressed?

Yesterday, I met by chance my cousin Mae in the mall while she was taking her exit and me the other way round. We haven't seen each other for 3 or more months I think as she went to Netherlands handling a tourist's visa. She said, i look fairer but seems like STRESSED! Actually I didn't mind what she said, but then I realized I am. So while my mom is having her nails clean I insist that I too should get a relaxing treat. The very first thing I have on mind is FOOT SPA. Being a person who spends all her day, everyday walking and sometimes running back and through in the streets of Gensan and roads of Sarangani, I really need to have atleast this one. 


try this! SPA treatment for your footsies.

my charming and mabait na attendant "matet" doing some sort of callous removing etc. 

so there you go, my relaxed footsies! (excuse the unpleasant in your sights) :)

what's your relaxing way to relieve stress?

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