Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace of Mind--Editorial

By the way, who wouldn't be stressed with all the things happening around, like first, my beloved grandmother who is now suffering a mild stroke and can't walk and move the way she used to, and who cannot sleep well at night thus compelling us also not to sleep, then sort of family problem which involve financial matters, plus the incoming final exams week or HELL WEEK as I termed it, and another plus is the same old story/problem/drama/folk/joke or it's up to you how you name it, the encounter between the MILF and the AFP in Basilan last October 18 which killed 19 soldiers as reported.

Sometimes, whether they will admit it or not, the mainstream find it easy to put the blame on the MILF or other considered (Moro) rebels for every bad things that is happening in the country. I guess it has been their favorite escape from every faults and flaws that they are committing. Nobody is happy and celebrating about the lost of the 19 soldiers, for they are also people like us, who's having a family waiting for their return in home. It's just so heartbreaking that sometimes or should i say most of the times our leaders are being biased in their statements and declarations. they failed to think first before over reacting, thus it is resulting into another ignition. good thing Mr. President wasn't convince about that stupid suggestions by some irresponsible tongue. another thing is, if ALL OUT WAR will be declared, then i'm pretty much sure that it will not only be in Basilan but all throughout Mindanao. at the end of the day, the poor civilian's life, mostly Moro people will be at stake and the dead soldier's number will increase. so where's justice then? do you think justice will come after the war? let's be fair enough to think about the welfare of the humanity as a whole and not just your own weal.

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