Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby oh!

Baby Nouf @ 2 months old

Meet my new born cousin Baby Nouf. She was originally named as Zacchea courtesy of yours truly, but due to oldies demand e.i, my Aunts abroad, she is finally registered as NOUF. Actually this cute little angel had been through a lot though she had just seen this world last two months ago. First is, it took her 8 years later, after the union of her parents, before she finally came out into this world. Her Mom's 2-month pregnancy is super memorable for us because we were in Manila that time to enjoy the short Christmas break. Allah is so good for the baby was not aborted despite our going back and forth into Baclaran, Quiapo, MOA, and everywhere in the Metro. We weren't able to confirm my Aunt's pregnancy until we came back home here in Gensan and have her checked by the Doctor. Indeed, it was a great, miraculous, and good news!

Second, Baby Nouf's days in her mother's womb is not your normal type of pregnancy. Her mother was diagnosed of having a Myoma on her 6-month. As a result, her mother went through emotional distress even though she's not showing it. Thus she undergone a thorough sessions with her doctors except undergoing operation and strong medication otherwise they might accidentally abort the baby. The Myoma was preventing Baby Nouf to complete the 9-month cycle because it was located near the door to the baby's way out. 

Third, since it was the case, the baby was forced to be out in it's 8-month of cycle in order to prevent further complications. So that's what happened. Baby Nouf was born on July 13, 2011 through Caesarian section. Alhamdulillah, everything went right and Allah's test was overcome by my Aunt. They were both safe in God's grace and now thankful evenmore for the joy that the baby brings. Allah truly listens to those who pray, and answers them in right time and circumstances.

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