Tuesday, September 6, 2011


asked me what happened this day... well it's a whole lot of surprising day. in the morning i was supposed to attend the civil service anniversary celebration at the oval plaza cause i have a travel order for it but i didn't go for simple reason of laziness. the next thing i did by the mid-day was to get the O.R of our paid office telephone/internet bills at pldt where i spent a quite some time looking for it in the box just next to the counter. i couldn't find it in my thrice attempt to search for my name, and as an option i have to order the cashier to re-print a copy of the O.R. only to find out that i overlooked the name of my officemate because i'm busy searching for that capital S_T_I_! haay..

 anyway, let's move on.. after that i went to my favorite mall in the city in a hope that i will catch my sister and aunt in kfc but then again i failed for they already took a ride home. so i just made myself comfortable in being alone, and yes i'm more comfortable in my solitude. i paid my remaining balance in globe which explains why i'm out of the world wide web world for days. and now, lucky me, most especially my sister for reason you already know, cause we can update everything that needs to be updated. on the other side, it hurts my pocket and ruined my budgeting. oh, nevermind. further, i find my feet bringing me into KFC again and again. i just don't know why, but everytime we're on the mall we never miss to enter in this food chain. the guard even know us very well, but he's just shy to ask for our names i guess. hehe. i ordered snack box for myself and sit silently in the far side table all alone. in the middle of my happy-eating alone i saw a familiar walk and back, well i may be a "nearsighted" but i never failed to recognize that it was my best buddy al. so he came near and like the old days, he do things like scolding me to bones which makes me mad yet thinking.

after the talkings he invited me to visit the oval plaza for some good walk with the intention to drop by at GSIS. that what happened next. upon getting there, he inquired for his card yet it wasn't available yet, while me who's not yet enrolled have myself registered and photograph for the id card. so the next thing is the plaza, as what has been planned, it was just a good walk and ended up sitting in the benches for more talkings. then came rainfalls, so we rushed into the nearest establishment -- jollibee where i find my classmate hosne waiting for a cab in order to go to paco's pad for our so-called baptism in Sultan-- an exclusive fraternity/sorority in msu-law school. so there, we sit in jollibee for a while, waiting for ate sharon whos also a candidate and do a little talk. and it's an Al met Al scene. so i made them comfortable with each other. then the wait is over, we left my buddy Al alone so that we can go to our final destination, paco's house for the baptism. there i made myself socially inclined and committed to my new found peers, the SULTANS. the ceremony was simple and didn't took so long but it's surely the best ever. it will erase your previous outlook on fraternity/sorority groups. after the ceremony, foods again took place and a little bit of knowing each other. so i was happy, tired, jelly (after reading some comments in the C8 group wc is not pleasant to my eyes), sad, all these and more made my day!


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