Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitness Morning

One fine Saturday morning, me and my sis woke up early as 4 a.m to catch the start of "fun run" in my workplace in celebration of the Philippine National Police Anniversary. but because we cannot pick a ride in that early morning we simply miss the fun! sad. we reached the finish line riding a van at already 6 in the morning. hehe... so we decided to go home instead. but in the middle of the so called "going home" something happens into my sister's mind that she wanted to drop by at Lemlunay Resort which is just on the way home. actually, i also wanted to give it to her this time, cause she never stepped there before, despite of her thousand of invitations and begging on me to go there. so we ended up having breakfast in that luxury resort ordering only a serve of boiled quail eggs which cost 80 pesos at 10 pieces, tasteless and cold.  imagine that,   so we just ordered chips and soda to counter the dismay. haha.


talking parrot, but she's just so
quiet during that time.

supposed to do the "yoga" but i just
can't concentrate.
one of the exclusive villa

infinity pool at the back!

finally, on our way to General Santos City!

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