Friday, September 23, 2011

Events, events events!

hi there! right now, i'm busy soliciting ideas from the web on what will i goin' to wear on my cousin's wedding this coming sunday. i don't have any other thing in mind but a long skirt and a cute casual tops. i'm not particular with the color so long as it suits my taste and of course the venue of the wedding since it's my first time to attend a wedding in that quite strange place (for me). when i say venue, it's the colors used and the way they design the place of solemnizing the marriage. who would be happy if someone tell's her she belongs? lol. anyway, i consider the followings as my great finds. tell me friends, which one looks best.  :)

watcha think of this one?

and this? going vintage...

how about the simplicity of this one?
 you can actually pair it with any skirts(tuck-in)
 and you'll surely catch eyes without  doing
so many moves.

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