Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's on your mind?

Notice the title? it's the most famous question that will pop out in your face everytime you open your facebook account. lately, my anti-social skills has been doin' good and cooperating. i've been ignoring tags of friends, never minding to comment in their newest photos nor status and the like. i lost all the appetite in the world and i don't know why, or even if i did i won't admit it to myself. for some reason or the other. And oh by the way, i'm leaving my Wordpress account behind to re-activate this one. yes, you heard it right.. after 48 years. that one seems so boring thus it's exactly perfect for my Law-thingies blog! haha.. aside from that i'm hiding from something. Anyway, this blog will be nothing but a record and a compilation of every ebbs & flows of life, smiles & frowns, laughters & hurts and anything that describes my mood for the day. in shortest term - an EMOTIONAL DUMPSITE. :)

I have so many thoughts cluttered in mind though. It's just that i'm a big procrastinator to write and let it out of my chest. I've been telling myself to write about this tonight, and that tomorrow or on weekend etc. but from now on, i'll try my best to update it more often to offer my readers something new which they can relate to. i'm just hoping that this blog won't be limited to emotional rantings only! hehe.. of course i have an idea on how boring that would be. another thing is, i just want to share the world my walks in life.

Meanwhile, take a look of me while I was doing this piece.  Enjoy! :)

Geeky me!

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