Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramadhan bids goodbye!

So Ramadhan is almost over huh, and it's like Eid comes out from nowhere! the world is rushing to end isn't it? haha.. time flies so fast that you never know everything is over until you realize it. anyway, i'm just hoping that i did a good job in this month though. i know the word "great job" is not for me, i know it by heart, coz i'm not focused when i do things, and always end up regretting and telling myself i could have done it better if i just gave it a time.. haay just one of my frustrations! although i ponder on the saying that "if the work is worth doing, it's worth doing well" yet i'm still on it no matter how hard i try. i'm only great in procrastinating things. oh well enough of this, coz it has nothing to do with my ramadhan blog! haha.. 

though i did my fast for almost a month missing only the days when i'm in red, which was 7 or 8 i think. well pretty good. and the tarawih and tahajjud sunnah prayers are incomplete too because of the fact that i have classes in the evening which gives me a hard time to do-it-myself. i think the same things will take place for my remaining 3-4 years in the college. whatever it may be, alhamdulillah i'm still submitting myself to my religious practices and obligations the best that i could, and i think that all that matters.

by the way, i'll be out of town for the next two days to go back into the place where i belong.. hehe, my beloved hometown in Sarangani Province. it has been my tradition to celebrate the eid'l fitr in that place while eid'l adha here in the city. i will share more stories about my hometown when i get back, inshallah!

Eid'l Fitr 2009



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