Monday, August 8, 2011

Ocho - ocho!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is Ocho - ocho! Yes, as in  August 8, 2011... thus it's 8-8. Do I need to explain further? Anyhow, you might be wondering as to why do I sound like celebrating or seems like something special happened in my life on this date, well that's wrong. I cannot remember any significant event on this date. It's just that, that number EIGHT is so special to me. Ok, let me tell you the story. here we go. Eight (8) is my batch number in the prestigious Congressional Internship Program for Young Muslim Leaders (CIPYML). The first and the most influential internship program I  ever joined that molds me into something I could say ideal for this kind of society like ours. Your mother would love to tell her friends and co-workers about your achievement as her daughter. Much more your father who will even boast about it. This is the kind of person I become after the internship. After all, this is what the program was all about--to develop the potential young Muslim leaders in Mindanao into a person of integrity... to become an example of a good leader in the future. Well, as they say so. hehe! But to become one you need a bunch of patience in order to not to show that little, tiny thorns hiding in your head. lol! By the way, I'm not saying that I'm a Saint here.

Much more than the integrity and all that, it's the people, memories and experiences as a whole that made the Batch 8 so special to me.  I couldn't compare that experience from all the short-lived seminars that I've attended before and even now. It teach me a lot of things. I learned how to live and get along with people whom I do not know but became an important part of my being. I became more responsible about myself, being away from my immediate family for quite a long time. I discover my strengths and weaknesses along the process. I indulged myself much from Independence which I only experienced during the internship. It's as if we're just playing yet learning in a big classroom called the Congress of the Philippines. Most of all I learned to let go then love again and let go again. does it sound confusing? never mind, in the coming days i will write a continuing story about the internship. these and all that made the end of internship program so painful for all of us. After almost 3-years, those memories are still flashing in my mind as if it was just yesterday. And the very reason why I write about this, is that I simply miss them much. all of them.. of course with a little much to that 'chosen one'. haha. I couldn't wish for more but to see them again and be with them again in a same setting like what we have before. Wishful thinking! :'(

 Courtesy call to the Office of the House Speaker


  1. Uy! You are blogging already! parang journal lang! hehe...

  2. hehe, yes sir ding, i'm blogging for quite a long time na din but ssshhh.. secret lang natin ito, bka kasi mabuking ako!

  3. maybe this is the benefit of requiring us to write a journal during the internship--to reflect on our everyday lives. hehe.. but this time no more Sir Ding to check on it,only readers to judge you as person. :)


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