Saturday, August 27, 2011

Modesty aside

Hi all! Salaam! know what, I've just discover a blogspot site yesterday which blogs about the author's fashion statements without going beyond the prescribed dresscode for Muslim women. yes, the author is a modern yet religion-bound Muslim woman who plays through dressing up! to help you best, check this link!

The author's creativity is shown in her tips on how to mix & match the western or as they call it the modern way of dressing with that of medieval ones. when i say medieval, that includes long dresses covering most of the body except for face, hands and feet. and the very important thing here is that dressing into modern way without leaving behind that tiny clothing called HIJAB!

How about trying this one out for formal occasions or for just a simple mall loitering with your friends?

ask me  on what's that green chucky shoes doing there? Well this one is for the rockin' (college) chics out there who portrays a boyish, athletic and playful image while maintaining that modesty inside&out. 

Now I have an idea on what to pair my yellow blouse similar to that one above, the next time  I decide to wear it.
It is best for my regular school days.

Also this one...

And another one! hehe..

by the way where can i buy that cute transparent umbrella here in the Philippines? I haven't seen one yet in my favorite mall here in Gensan. hehe.. with such an unpredictable whether conditions, we all need it badly these days. 

Whoow, it's an outfit overload! Now, modesty aside, who says a Muslim girl can't be that oh so FASHIONISTA?!

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