Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ethnicity Defined!

One rainy afternoon, me, mom and sis went loitering into the mall without an intention to shop but just can't help it! haha. Upon entering the KCC department store, this display of ethnic attires in observation of the "Buwan ng Wika" will definitely catch your attention.

The Maguindanaon tribe most popular traditional wear. The female mannequin is wearing Enaul Malong as a lower garment which symbolizes prestige and royalty among Maguindanaon women.

The T'boli and B'laan group of Southern Cotabato empire are best known for this kind of clothing which is called T'nalak.

Presenting the whole cast of production!  With the so-called "Mindanao Settlers" this time. :) 

According to Mr. Answer.Com ETHNICITY means: relating to, or characteristic of a sizable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, or cultural heritage.

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