Thursday, August 18, 2011

earth quaking morning to all!

it was 5:35 in the morning and i'm awakened and shaken by the seismic activity of earth today brought about by the movements of tectonic plates down under the surface where we are living. it was quite a strong magnitude of earthquake which scares me and the rest of the people in the house. Earthquake nowadays is one of the most-been-afraid-of natural calamity by the people all over the world, since the infamous Japan earthquake with tsunami which caused the loss of so many lives and property there took place sometime in March 2011. though the earth shaking this morning lasted just a seconds only, still it's scary cause the movement is vertical which accordingly is more dangerous kind of earthquake. Alhamdullillah, everything's okay and it doesn't cause any damage. good thing is, because of the shaking i was able to pray faj'r (early morning prayer), if it wasn't for it then maybe i'm still snoring as of this moment. haha.. 

the dawn is breaking.. 
(famous view in my room from the outside)

Wiki answers says:"Earthquakes are tremors or vibrations in the Earth's crust that are caused by the build up or accumulation of pressure (more correctly termed STRESS)." wow, how was that, the earth is also stressed. maybe this explains why sometimes people feels like shaking, erupting, and bursting out of stress!

meet my shaken face in the morning! haha...
                                                GOOD MORNING WORLD!

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