Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The “Wicker Park”

I’ve just finished watching the movie — Wicker Park by Josh Harnett and Diane Kruger and I umm soo in-love with it! The movie is kinda psychological, drama, romantic and a mystery film, exactly one of my type! Matt (Harnett) fell in love at first sight with Lisa (Kruger) and didn’t stop until he got her really in-love with him too. At first I have so many thoughts in mind like Matt did never really had an affair with the real Lisa and all along it was Alex (Byrne) who’s obsessed with Matt on the otherhand and who will do anything just to win him, and I suspect that copying Lisa’s hair, face etc was her plan after finding out that Matt is addicted to Lisa. But Alex instead be-friended Lisa so much that she didn’t let Lisa hide her any secret. Matt supposed to meet Lisa on the “Wicker Park” — their rendezvous, but Lisa made no appearance because she had a trip somewhere else but left Matt a letter to be send through Alex her false bestfriend who hid everything from the lovers and caused their breakaway for two years. But true love find ways, Matt never stop searching for Lisa grabbing every possible links that will lead him back to her. Until Matt discovers the mystery behind Lisa’s lost without even saying a word.On a date of his bestfriend Luke and his pretentious girlfriend Alex, Matt found out everything and why Alex did that selfish thing… just like her words “Love makes you do crazy things, insane things. Things in a million years you’d never see yourself do. But there you are doing them… can’t help it.”
It made me feel like uhm-so-in-love I think. I appreciate the way how Matt fight in order to find his love back not minding the past but instead looking for answers and explanation why she left that easy. It made me think that in a relationship you need to hear both sides first before putting your gavel down which is also useful in real life, like do not judge someone else that easily. Just like Alex, she was so obsessed with Matt. but she’s not confident that Matt will also like her. she feel un-pretty, unwanted and she’s jealous and insecure with Lisa who’s beautiful and most especially loved by Matt.
In the end, true love succeeds and the ending was just like how it is supposed to be– happy! and, uhh with all that powerful, long, lingering, romantic and sweet kissing scene with the music called “scientist” playing in the back… the movie was just so perfect!

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