Thursday, November 26, 2015


“Ang Mga Lugar Ay Pawang Mga Lugar Lamang”
By: Juan Miguel Severo
Ang mga parke ay pasyalan.
Ang mga kalsada ay para sa mga sasakyan.
Ang mga puno, para sa lilim.
Ang mga poste ng ilaw, tanglaw sa dilim. 
Sabihin mo sa sarili mo: Ang mga lugar ay pawang mga lugar lamang.

Huwag kang magkakamaling hanapin maski anino niya sa tabi mo o ang mga hakbang ng mga paa niyang dati'y sumasabay sa'yo.
Walang kinalaman ang paglubog ng araw sa init ng kanyang kamay o ang simoy ng hangin sa ginhawa ng kanyang akbay, ang huni ng mga ibon sa iyong tuwa.
Wala na siya.

Ito ang napatunayan ko: Kaya mong makabisa ang bawat liko ng isang siyudad nang hindi ito itinuturing na tahanan.

Ang mga lugar ay pawang mga lugar lamang hanggang mag kasama niyong namasdan ang mga ito.
Ang sementong sahig ay mananatiling tahimik kung hindi niyo sinulat dito ang inyong kwento- ang inyong kwento, mga pangako, mga problemang binuo- paulit-ulit, paulit-ulit ipapaalala ko sa sarili ko ang bawat kanto na pinalampas, bawat sulok ng wala mo pang bakas, ang iyong mukha, ang iyong ulo sa aking dibdib. 
Maglalabay ako hanggang matanggap ko.

Itong mga lugar na pawang mga lugar lamang 
at hindi tahanan ng mga alaala mo.


"Sampung bagay na natutunan ko sa mga umiibig"
By: Juan Miguel Severo

Una, napakatamis ng mga simula, ng mga umaga na ang bumubungad sa’yo ay ang kanyang mukha. Nag-aalmusal ka ng kilig at pagdating sa gabi ay baon mo siya hanggang sa paghimbing. Dito, dito mo matututunan ang tunay na kapangyarihan ng isang ngiti, ng ibang kamay na humahawi sa’yong buhok, ng mga mata na sumisisid sa iyong kaluluwa.

Pangalawa, napakadaling maging kampante at masanay sa pagmamahal. Ang malunod sa kapangyarihan ng ‘kami’, ng ‘tayo’, ng ‘atin’. Pero paano naman ang ‘kanya’? Paano naman ang ‘ako’? Napakadaling malunod sa akalang ang iyo ay mananatiling iyo.
Pangatlo, mapapagod ka.
Pero pang-apat, ang tunay na pag-ibig, hindi dapat sinusukuan ‘di ba!?
Pero pang-lima, ang tunay na pag-ibig ay hindi parating sapat! Kapag ang mga pakpak na binigay nito sa’yo ay bumigat at naging kadenang ni ayaw kang patayuin, kapag ang langit ng pusong minsa’y nilipad mo ay naging kulungang nasa ‘yo naman ang susi at kandado pero ayaw mong lisanin…
Pang-anim. Ang pinakamabagsik mang apoy ay mamamatay. Maghanda ka sa sakit.
Pero ‘wag kang mag-aalaga ng galit, ito ang pang-pito. Iiwanan kang puno ng sugat at pilat at paltos nito. Iiwanan kang umuusok sa poot sa kanya, sa mundo, sa sarili mo. Iiwanan ka nitong abo.
Pang-walo. Maghanda ka sa wakas.
Pang-siyam. Alam ko, parang hindi ka pa handa sa wakas, wala naman yata talagang nagiging handa sa wakas pero nandiyan na siya ~
At sa wakas, pang-sampu. Mahalin mo pa siya. Sa tingin, sa tanaw, mula sa abo na iniwan ng inyong apoy, mahalin mo pa siya. Pero kung ang pakpak ng pag-ibig ay naging gapos na, kapag ang dating langit sa puso mo ay bilanggo ka, mahalin mo siya sa huling pagkakataon 

~ pagkatapos, bitaw na.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

that pain you are going through

that pain you are going through....
you will forget it someday, and you will not even remember when did it happen and how did it vanish. 
just trust the God above that He will ease you from all your sufferings and pains that you are undergoing right now. 
In sha Allah

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Letter to My Future Daughter

Dear Future Daughter:
1) When you’re at some party, chain smoking on the roof with some strange girl with blue hair and exorbitant large dark eyes, ask her about her day. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Often times you’ll find the strangest of people have the most captivating of stories to tell.
2) Please, never mistake desire for love. Love will engulf your soul, whilst desire will emerge as acid, slowly making it’s way through your veins, gradually burning you from the inside out.
3) No one is going to fucking save you, anything you’ve read or heard otherwise is bullshit.
4) One day a boy is going to come along who’s touch feels like fire and who’s words taste like vanilla, when he leaves you, you will want to die. If you know anything at all, know that it is only temporary.
5) Your mental health comes before school baby, always. If its midnight, and you have an exam the next day but your hands have been shaking for the past hour and a half and you’re not so sure you want to be alive anymore, pull out that carton of Ben and Jerry’s and afterwards, go the fuck to bed. So what if you get a 68% on the exam the next day? You took care of yourself and at the end of the day that will always come before a high test score. To hell with anyone who tells you differently.
— Abbie Nielsen  

*Just got this article somewhere. It made sense to me, thus this repost. =)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Boho-Chic Bedroom Ideas

I admit that I am not really an organized person. I just drop my things anywhere in the house and go crazy later on in finding it if the time to use it comes. lol! But, this coming year, being organized is included in the list of my new years' resolutions. So to start with, I am planning to invest more on furniture that will hold and organize my things such as book shelf--top priority, new study table, a dresser, additional cabinets etc. 

Last Saturday, I bought a new bed for my messy little room. I don't have any idea at first on how to design my room and make it look like a real bedroom which is supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. So since I am not an organized girl, I find the Boho Bedroom ideas suitable for me. Personally, I love the minimalist style of decorating because I find it so relaxing in the eyes and I think it will give me a peace of mind. The black and white shades of room is so okay with me. I am the type of a person who's kinda messy but still love to see the white colors appearing big and large in my eyes. But I know for now I cannot achieve that so I'll stick with the boho style first which is a carefree styling but mostly associated with varieties of colors & prints, baggy accessories, and modern-yet-always-vintage look. You can choose between the traditional & colorful style or that one with a modern or minimalist touch that'll give you a sunny room atmosphere for a more relaxing bedroom. To give you ideas on what I'm trying to say, take a look at these:

1. Moder-Boho-Chic Bedroom Style

2. Classy/Vintage Boho Bedroom Style

3. Artistic/Gypsy Boho Bedroom

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: My year 2013 reflections

Hi there everyone. This post is some sort of a year-ender post before another year unfolds. Actually, I think that such a lot of bad things happened this year... considering my environment and particularly the country that I'm living in. Mostly it involves natural and man-made calamities which put the Philippines into map and headlines around the globe. To mention some in the list were: the 10 billion pork barrel scam (July); the alleged MNLF attack in Zamboanga City (September); the 7.2 magnitude of earthquake in Bohol that destroyed some of the historic, old and famous landmarks in the province (October); and recently, the typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan as known internationally which is recorded as the strongest typhoon ever in history that made a landfall (November). My countrymen's nationalism was really shown and awaken during those times. It made us a appear as the strongest people in the world. 

Just like my country, I too had been through calamities and disasters which left scars and fallen hopes in me. But in sha'allah, by Allah's grace, I will surpass it. Last May of this year, my dad lost in the election. It made us devastated--for a while. I was given an extra responsibilities in life since I am the only working 'single' in the family. I have to help my parents in sending my younger brother to school. It was fine, only that I have to cut off some shopping, coffee breaks, and random expenditures. Nevertheless, I know now how it feels like being a parent. I know now how hard it is and at the same time wonderful to be part of someone's success in life; that you become the bridge or instrument in making their dreams come true. It really made me a responsible young adult. I have to say that what I am now, I owe it to my parents. And now it is payback time. I want to make their wishes and dreams for us and their selves come true. in sha allah. On the good side, I think I earned a lot of friends this year, whether in personal or just through some social media that I am linked with. Those people made me smile at my sad days, grounded when I feel like taken by the strong wind of this life, and keep me back in my senses when I feel like lost and wandering. 

In the coming year, I just hope and pray that things will get better for me, my family, my country and the entire ummah. That it won't be as tough and rough as this year. I do have a lots of things to accomplish but I just don't know how, where and when to start. So help me God. =)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

                                                   "I Knew You Were Trouble"
                                                              By: Taylor Swift

[Music video spoken part:]
I think--I think when it's all over, It just comes back in flashes, you know? It's like a kaleidoscope of memories. It just all comes back. But he never does. I think part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said or anything he did, It was the feeling that came along with it. And the crazy thing is I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew his world moved too fast and burned too bright. But I just thought, how can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? Maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me.

Once upon a time a few mistakes agoI was in your sights, you got me aloneYou found me, you found me, you found meI guess you didn't care, and I guess I liked thatAnd when I fell hard you took a step backWithout me, without me, without me
And he's long gone when he's next to meAnd I realize the blame is on me
'Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never been'Til you put me down, ohI knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never beenNow I'm lying on the cold hard groundOh, oh, trouble, trouble, troubleOh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
No apologies. He'll never see you cry,Pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why.You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning.Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the streetA new notch in your belt is all I'll ever beAnd now I see, now I see, now I see
He was long gone when he met meAnd I realize the joke is on me, yeah!
I knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never been'Til you put me down, ohI knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never beenNow I'm lying on the cold hard groundOh, oh, trouble, trouble, troubleOh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
And the saddest fear comes creeping inThat you never loved me or her, or anyone, or anything, yeah
I knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never been'Til you put me down, ohI knew you were trouble when you walked in (you were right there, you were right there)So shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never beenNow I'm lying on the cold hard groundOh, oh, trouble, trouble, troubleOh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Trouble, trouble, trouble

[Music video spoken part:]
I don't know if you know who you are until you lose who you are.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Audrey Hepburn is a Hijabi

Hi guys! What can you say about my Audrey Hepburn look? LOL. JUST FOR FUN. It's a product of some powerful photo editor apps that I just installed in my phone. Here's the LINK. Oh, the wonders of photo-editing!

By the way, it's already Friday here, so that means tomorrow will going to be a rest day, wash day, malling day--for most of us, I supposed, but not me. Co'z tomorrow is another examination day. The downside of being a working student. Such is life.

But still,




Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sit Back & Relax

Relax: Getting angry brings you nothing but conflict & misfortune, if you want things to change, be a good example for change.

Just a friendly and cute reminder for you girls.

Have fun! =)